Bottle Cap Magnets Tutorial

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Bottle Cap Magnets Tutorial

Art for this tutorial needs to fit in a 1-inch circle. It can be printed on an ink-jet printer although I highly recommend using a photo lab as the image will be much clearer. Thank you Sincerely Susan Designs for donating the bottle cap art for this tutorial. 


Bottle Caps

Rubber Mallet

Bottle Cap Art

1 Inch Circle Puncher

1 Inch Page Pebbles

Glue Stick

E-6000 Adhesive


Place bottle cap on a hard surface (concrete works best for me) and lightly tap it with the rubber mallet to flatten it a bit. Tap turn, tap turn, until you get it sorta even.

As you can see in the photo below, the one on the right has been flattened just a bit.

We do this so when the magnet is attached to the back it will extend beyond the edges of the cap like photo below. Don't want bottle caps scratching up any refrigerators! Yikes!

Use a 1 inch circle punch to punch out your bottle cap art.

Once punched out, place a page pebble over the front of the cap art. These stick on like a sticker.

Peel off the back layer of the photo lab paper. (For some reason I have it in my head that it will glue better to that surface rather than the slick backside of photo paper. Don't know if that's true.) Skip the step if using regular paper.

Apply glue from glue stick to the backside of your cap art.

Stick art to the bottle cap and apply pressure for a few seconds.

Place a dab of E-6000 to the backside of the bottle cap.

Attach magnet.

And you are done my friends!

How cool are these?!

Made these adorable owls too. Also from Sincerely Susan Designs.

Don't know if you can tell in this photo or not but the owls were printed on an inkjet printer and they are just not as clear. The page pebbles seem to magnify things too, really making those pixels stand out. Highly recommend using a photo lab for your art.

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