Bottle Cap Necklace Tutorial

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Bottle Cap Necklace Tutorial

These bottle cap necklaces are great for boys and girls and they make terrific party favors like the ones we did HERE. I'm telling ya they love 'em!

Before we get started here are a few notes about the bottle cap artwork. Artwork for this tutorial needs to be either printed on a color laser printer or at a local photo lab (like pictures) and it needs to fit in a 1-inch circle. Do not use an inkjet printer!!! The ink will run! You can create art on a photo editing program like Photoshop or you can purchase pre-made designs. A very BIG Thank You to Sincerely Susan for providing all of the bottle cap art for this tutorial.


Bottle Caps Drill (not pictured

1/16 Drill Bit

File or Sandpaper (not pictured)

Bottle Cap Art (have this printed ahead of time)

1 inch Circle Puncher

Glue Stick

Diamond Glaze

Small Split Rings

Ribbon and/or Ball Chain Necklace

1. Drill a small hole on the edge of the cap using a drill and the 1/16 drill bit. File or sand the backside of the hole as the edges will be rough and sharp. Set the cap aside.

2. Punch out the artwork using a 1-inch circle puncher.

3. If the artwork was printed at a photo lab peel off the back layer of paper. This will allow the glue to adhere better. Skip this step if the artwork was printed on a laser printer.

4. Apply glue to the backside of art with a glue stick.

5. Stick art to bottle cap. Ensure that artwork is aligned with the hole that was drilled earlier. Wouldn't want it upside down.

6. Apply Diamond Glaze, use the tip of the Diamond Glaze to move glaze around to cover the entire area. Squeeze out more as needed. Pop any bubbles with a straight pin and allow to dry. This will take a while (overnight). Do not shake Diamond Glaze as this will cause unwanted bubbles.

7. Once dry add a split ring through the drilled hole and add a ribbon or ball chain. Note: You can carefully put a flame to the ends of the ribbon to prevent it from fraying. It will slightly melt the ends.

All Done!!! Simple enough right? Enjoy and let us know if you try it.

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