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These bottle cap necklaces are great for boys and girls and they make terrific party favors like the ones we did HERE. I'm telling ya they love 'em! Before we get started here are a few notes about the bottle cap artwork. Artwork for this tutorial needs to be either printed on a color laser printer or at a local photo lab (like pictures) and it needs to fit in a 1-inch circle. Do not use an inkjet printer!!! The ink will run! You can create art on a photo editing program like Photoshop or you can purchase pre-made designs. A very BIG Thank You to Sincerely Susan...

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Art for this tutorial needs to fit in a 1-inch circle. It can be printed on an ink-jet printer although I highly recommend using a photo lab as the image will be much clearer. Thank you Sincerely Susan Designs for donating the bottle cap art for this tutorial.  Materials: Bottle Caps Rubber Mallet Bottle Cap Art 1 Inch Circle Puncher 1 Inch Page Pebbles Glue Stick E-6000 Adhesive Magnets Place bottle cap on a hard surface (concrete works best for me) and lightly tap it with the rubber mallet to flatten it a bit. Tap turn, tap turn, until you get it sorta even....

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