Teacup Bird Feeder Tutorial

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Teacup Bird Feeder Tutorial


Cup and Saucer


1/2 inch Copper Pipe (Pluming section of hardware store.) Side Note: I get several emails saying that the copper pipe is just to expensive however, I would like to point out that for about $10-$12 you can actually get about 3 stands when cut down to size. I don't think that's too bad!

1/2 inch Copper Cap (Also in the pluming section of hardware store.)


All Purpose Adhesive (E6000 works best!)



1. With sandpaper, lightly sand the bottom of the cup. 

2. Lightly sand the top of the saucer where the cup will sit. This will allow for a better bond.

3. Apply the adhesive around the base of the cup where it will touch the saucer.

4. Attach the cup to the saucer, press firmly. Add weight to the top while drying, books work good.

5. Sand the bottom of the spoon and the small spot on the saucer where the spoon will sit.

6. Apply adhesive to the spoon. I also apply adhesive to the stem of the spoon where it will hit the edge of the saucer.

7. Attach spoon to the saucer. Press down firmly. This perch is for the birds! he! he!

8. Now this next step is the hardest but it must be done properly if you want it to come out right. You must wait for the adhesive to properly dry/cure before moving on. :) This must be done and could take up to 24 hrs. Read the directions on whichever adhesive you select for dry time.

9. Once adhesive is dry, turn the cup and saucer upside down and sand a small spot in the center of the saucer.

10. Sand the top of the 1/2 inch copper cap.

11. Apply adhesive to the copper cap.

12. Attach the copper cap to the bottom of the saucer. Pressing firmly again add weight to the top as it is drying.

13. Now again you must allow this to properly dry. This seems like forever! But you need to let it dry for the proper time if you want it to last.

14. Place the copper pipe in the ground.  

15. Place the Tea Cup Bird Feeder on top, by placing the pipe in the cap that is attached to the bottom of the saucer. My copper pipe is about 3 feet tall but you can make it any desired height. Smaller heights are good for pots.

16. Add water to the cup and birdseed to the saucer and let the birdies enjoy!

These will last for several years. This one below is one of my favorites and is about 6 years old! It is still very sturdy! And does not need any repairs and never has needed any repairs. I did use the E600 on this one. Lovely lovely!

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